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Hey Guys

I see there are a few posts regarding port forwading etc but I just cant seem to get this Server working correctly.

I have created a simple MUD server and client using winsock and works completly fine localy.

I have port forwarded the ports i wanted and checked that they are open. They did not want to open with my firewall active even though I had already authorised them to be open so i decided to just test it with the firewall disabled.

It appears that the ports are open etc but the client just will not connect when I try it via the IP address?

I dont think you will need to look at my code but here it is FYI and Port is 5656


Private Sub Form_Load()
GT = "1/1/1/1"

wskServer(0).LocalPort = Port

Call FormatIt(Server.Servertxt, "[" & Now & "] Server as started{n}")

Private Sub wskServer_ConnectionRequest(Index As Integer, ByVal requestID As Long)
Call ConnectionRequest(Index, requestID)
End Sub

Private Sub wskServer_DataArrival(Index As Integer, ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
Dim Data As String
Dim SplitData() As String

wskServer(Index).GetData Data
If Player(Index).Staff = "1" Then

Call FormatIt(frmDebug.debug, Now() & ": " & Data & "{n}")
SplitData = Split(Data, "¥")

Call Process(Index, SplitData(1))
ElseIf Player(Index).Staff = "0" Then
Call FormatIt(frmDebug.debug, Data & "{n}")
Data = Replace(Data, "{", "")
SplitData = Split(Data, "¥")

Call Process(Index, SplitData(1))
End If
End Sub
End Sub


Private Sub cmdLogin_Click()

UserLogon.Text = StrConv(UserLogon, vbProperCase)
If SaveData.Value = 1 Then
   SaveSetting App.EXEName, "Login", "User", UserLogon.Text
   SaveSetting App.EXEName, "Login", "Pass", PasswordLogon.Text
End If

wskClient.Connect "", 5656
tmrConn.Enabled = True
cmdLogin.Enabled = False
Timer1.Enabled = True

End Sub

Thanks in advance