I had internet connection the one moment and the next I didn't.Could someone,anyone please help me ,by giving me a basic step-by-step methodical troubleshooting guide to help me re-establish my internet connection... PLEASE!! any help would be much appreciated.I thank that person kindly in advance.I 'm using my cell c 3g card.

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Need more information.

1. Make+model of computer
2. Make+model of 3g card
3. 3g service provider
4. Operating system + version
5. Driver(s) you installed to run 3g card.

Try resetting your modem and router. You can do this by holding down the back button of your modem ( Only for linksys ). Try using your computer and access other network, if other network allow you to connect to internet something is wrong with your network or conputer. Make sure your firewall is not on to block internet connections and your wireless is working wel?. Can you access internet using an ethernet cable?

If you have DSL connection then it will be disconnected may be by company due to working server

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