A small SVN problem?

I have an online svn server that I have had for some time that I used for a software project. I want to close that account so I don't have to pay the monthly fee. But before I do that I want to download the entire repository with the entire file history etc to a local svn server on my computer.


Will I need to install a svn server or what not (I use a mac)?
How do I download the repository with all files and history into the new repo?


You only need the svn client. Just check out the latest copy:

svn co http://www.paidsvnhosting.com/path/to/svn

You want to check out the entire repository so if you normally commit against "/svn/MyReposName/trunk" you will want to check out "/svn/MyResposName".

As far as hosting SVN you can host it on your local harddrive but it won't be available remotely. You can install libapache2-svn or websvn if you have an apache server to access it remotely. I think SourceForge has free SVN hosting but it might open your source code up to the world.

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