Hi, i can't connect to my D-link dsl 2640u router by using a dynamic ip even if i use static ip and when i hardly can connect ,the router ask me to update the software , but when i load the software image the browser says it take a long time just after a short time so is there a third-party application that can flash the memory of router or fix this problem ? thanks...

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So you basically cannot connect to the router and access the internet? Can you download new fireware for your router and installed it?

Ok, but the problem that i can't connect to the router to install the new firmware that i download from net , i tried to install a third party program to install the new firmware to the router but i couldn't find the proper program to the router... so is there any solutions ...

okay, check the instructions on how to install that firmware, perhaps you may need to download an aditional file to merge with the firmware in order to install it to your router, can you tell me what firmware is? because when i wanted to install the DD-WRT firmware on a US Robotics i had to download an additional file and merge it, take a look from where you downloaded.

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