I have tried to google the answer to this one, but im having problems... So I'm coming to the experts!

First, what I have for hardware:

Switch: Asus GX-D1081
Router: Asus RT-N16
Modem 1: Motorola SB-5102 (Shaw Cable Extreme service)
Modem 2: Cisco DPC-3825 (Shaw Cable Broadband 50 service)
Powerline: D-Link Powerline HD

Computers and other devices
PC1 (Windows 7)
PC2 (XP)
Laptop1 (Vista)
Laptop2 (Vista)
Seagate Goflex Home (Network drive)
WD Live Hub

- all my Ethernet cables are Cat5e
- the WD uses the powerline
- the laptops are connected to the ASUS RT-N16 via wireless, everything else is wired.

Now the question: If PC2 is conncted to the net through Modem2, and everything else is connected to the switch (which is connected to the router, then Modem1), how would you set it up so that all computers and such can access the Goflex drive?

The reason I ask is because all of our media is stored on the Goflex and I need to have a really fast and consistant connection to play the large (4G-12G) .mkv files on the WD.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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It seems like you need to have a network neighborhood, so i advice you to have a schema of modem -> router -> switch (dunno why you have two modems, unless u need redundant conections, if so you will need extra hardware and do real routing) and the connect the WD drive directly to the router ETH so in this way all computers have access to it, anyway, that´s one solution to your prblem


I have two modems because my teenage daughter is a gamer, chat hound, and you tube all at the same time bandwith sucker and I download large files. In short, the rest of the family and I need the extra bandwith. In my area, the best option for me was to get her on her own modem to free up my connection.

The WD isn't where the large amount of data is stored, that is on the Goflex which is directly connected to the switch.

If you could elaboreate on the "network neighborhood," "ETH," "extra hardware" and "real routing"... Im sorry, while I'm not a complete tech idiot, I don't have the knowlege of most of the techies on here from the looks of some of the posts.

Please speak s-l-o-w-l-y and directly into the microphone.

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