Hello all,
I live in a very remote part of NM where the fastest internet you can get is 1.3MB per second(which I have).

I would like to have faster internet and would pay more for it but it just doesn't exist.

Does anyone know of a way to purchase multiple internet connections and combine them into one network somehow?

Thanks SO much

all answers are highly appreciated

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You Want To Combine Multiple Networks Into One??? I Maybe Inpossible.. Read This Link That I Searched On Google I Spend A Few Minutes Searching So Please Make good Use Of The Link That I Am Going To Give You : Please Click On This Link And Read Carefully Please...

This Is The Link That I Am Going To Give You And Make Good Use Of It : http://www.network-builders.com/combine-multiple-networks-into-one-t47063.html

And Please Please Go To The Buttom You See Some Siilar Threads That Maybe You Could COmbine.. Sorry I Could Not Search For You Further As I Have Things To Do At Home... But If Your Ploblems Are Still Not Solved , Ask Your Friends Or Go Search Google Like Me... You Will Find The Answer One Day...


Hi, as far as I know, it is not possible to combine more than one internet connection to increase your bandwidth. Your bandwidth is restricted to the size of your DSL line-speed. You can not combine 2 different lines by 2 different DSL accounts. You can only switch between them from one access point.

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