Hey i got a wireless card in my computer its runs at 54.0 mbps i have had it for like 1 year and its been good but in the past 3 or so weeks my net has gotten really slow its keeps droping from 54.0mbps to like 11.0mbps and the sent/received is messed up i think its like Sent-73,221,581 and the received-2,915,403,677. i though the sent was ment to be more then the received, i got 2 other computer in my house with wireless card and theres runs fine it stay on 54.0mbps and no one is downloading anything in my house. could my wireless card be messed up?? plz help


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It is probably interference from something in your house. The cordless phones sold that run in the 900MHz range can cause interference and having the wireless card antenna to close to a floor can cause problems. Wireless systems use a very short frequency that can actually reflect and interfere with it's self close to the floor. The distance from the router can also be a factor as well as what type of walls are between you the card and the router. The thicker the wall (outside house wall or brick for example) can cause degradation of the signal. Wireless signals are intended to travel a max of 150ft.

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