The problem is my internet keeps disconnecting alot it will reconnect after about 10 seconds, The internet light on the router will go Solid orange the problem just keeps happening and starting to get very annoying now.

Im with Sky and have the Dlink router

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may be your router is problem if you can verify it then it's easy to find out the actual problem another thing is that if you are confidence that your router is not a problem then check the cable connection of router or may be your clamping problem in cable if all those are in right position then call the ISP.


Instead of using wireless does using ethernet cable have this problem. Does other laptops or PC have this problem. Try resetting your router.


There's 3 laptops in the house and all go off, Iv had afew engineer's round but always leads to the same thing.

After they have been round and to the exchange the internet is normally fine for 1-2 days before it starts up again.

Also i have had a new router and changed all the wires etc over, tried new filters.


still are you suffering form the same problem or it is solved inform us and don't feel hesitate to ask.


Im not sure with the ethernet cable i will have to try that out.

Had another Engineer today although he didnt come round just a phone call to tell me the fault was down the exchange.

So i guess ill wait a few days and see how it is.

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