I have a desktop with XP Pro that looses connection to the network every 2 hours. Power cycling the modem/router fixes the problem for 2 more hours. System worked properly before adding an external ip phone to my TalkSwitch PBX. Setting up the external IP phone required some port forwarding. I have since uninstalled the external ip phones and deleted the port forwarding.
System specifics:
Windows XP Pro SP2
Verizon DSL with Actiontec GT704WGB Router
Computer is direct connect to the router.
2 computers on network, only 1 computer is kicked off
Here is what I have tried:
Verizon Tech support ran malware software--no luck
Replaced router--no luck
Replaced network card -- no luck
DHCP Settings set to Dynamic
Computer is set to Dynamic IP
TCP/IP is set to "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address autmatically"
I have spent at least 40 hrs on with verizon tech support and talkswitch tech support. I am ready to throw the computer into the lake. I have power cycled the router so many times, the switch quit working. Please help.

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Looks like some settings on your computer have change does other computers have the same problem?

I also have a TalkSwitch PBX connected to the router. I disconnected the TalkSwitch unit, and now the desktop stays on the network with no problems.

The TalkSwitch unit is a PBX which handles all of our incoming calls, voicemail, and IP phones. With it off the network, our phone system will still function but the IP phones will not work. At least all the computers stay on the network now. I guess it is back to TalkSwitch tech support to determine why it causes all computers that are directly connected to the router to be booted off the network.

Never use TalkSwitch before so I am unable to give you more help. Try doing what you said and see whether TalkSwitch Tech Support can help clear your doubts.


There used to be a similar problem in my work place, where every so often the internet would "drop" the connection and the computers would be in an offline state for a few minutes until you either reset the router via the web interface or until you physically took the power connection out from the back of the router and re-inserted it. However, I don't know if this is exactly the same problem you are having or not but you could try....

either replacing the Micro Filter/Splitter you have at the phone socket which connects to your router, or if that doesn't work then you probably need to go into the routers web interface and change the time it takes to reset the router (as this will probably be whats causing the problem).

Obviously, if that hasn't made any difference then let us know and we will try to investigate further.

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