New to networking and although I’ve installed printers to workstations, I’ve never installed a new printer to a server. I only know that an IP address is to be reserved for the new printer through DHCP if the printer software does not scan the network and find an unused address. If there is a simple how to with pictures I would appreciate it. This is Server 2003. Much thanks for any guidance

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Im confused, is this a network printer (it has an ethernet port) or are you connecting it to the server itself?


in that case - no need to connect it to a server, unless you want to advertise it through AD.
printer installation CD should do everything for you


Are you saying that a printer installation disk will go into DHCP, reserve an IP address, open the local port and whatever else needs to be done? Also, if I wanted to do this through Active Directory, what would be the steps. I've always wondered why this just about the only task that does not have a clear set of directions especially with pictures. Much thanks for your attention as I await your reply


don't know about pictures, if you have no idea how to install a printer - hire a professional.

to install a printer on a server do the same as in installing it on a workstation, only specifying the server OS.
to publish printer in AD all you need to do is share it from that server, once installed. the wizard will ask you at a point to tick a box saying "publish in AD"

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