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I work in a Bank for International Support for CRM Applications like Siebel, Finacle, Flexcube and BCIF. We have our other branch in Dubai and have around 10 users who use this applications who are connected via VPN and have been granted all the above mentioned access of the applications.

I have performed the below mentioned operations and I am still unable to access Finacle in any of the systems in Dubai.

ü Cleared Temp Files

ü VPN Connected

ü Telnet is connected

ü Entries are as mentioned in the Host File

ü Internet Settings have been altered.

ü Checked from different user Login via Administrator

ü Unmapped Network Drives'

ü Checked in a Different browser (Chrome and Firefox)

ü Latest Version of Java Installed

We have our Intrnaet link of Finacle and it can be accessed only if VPN is connected and access is being given which all comes to YES. The site is acessible from here in Mumbai which means there is no issue whatsoever from the Application Team. The security team mentioned that Telnet is connected hence the port is open which means access is granted to all those users in order to connect to the website. The users on our request have formatted their system and made a thorugh Virus scan with updated virus definitions which found no issues.

Just to let you know that we dont have our core IT dept. there in Dubai as everything is connected via VPN and all those access is given from here in Mumbai. And also have made sure about Firewall is OFF, Automatic Updates OFF, XP SP3 is installed.

Can you help what is the issue and where or tell me some other alternative to resolve this issue. Thanks very much for reading

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