well i have a qwest A1000 router, which i use to access the internet and play online. the problem is i cant connect to the wireless network it provides! everytime i try to connect, it says to provide a security key, which i do, but then keeps saying security key mismatch, and i cant connect. the other computer in the house works perfectly with the wireless network. i have no idea what the problem is. the WPS button on the router is now bright red. ideas? solutions? id be really appreaciative

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First Login to the Router, If you don't have the Password Reset the Router from the Button.

Then Change the Security Key, and Reboot the Router,

Then go to the Operating System and In the Wireless Profiles, (It depends on the OS), in Windows 7, Right Click on the Wireless Network icon on the Taskbar, then click open Network Sharing Center, then click on the Manage Wireless Networks.

delete all the profile, and then connect to the Wireless Network by entering the New Key.

Good Luck.

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I know this sounds stupid, but are you sure you are logging on to the coprrect wirelss signal? I find clients often do not realise that there may be a lot of roputers broadcasting in an area and there is a need to be sure you are on the right one.
Apologies if this is too obvious!

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