Hello everyone! Sounds like I am begging huh! Well I been researching this now for almost a 3 weeks now. Only recourse is to hire someone in which we have no money to do so! I am new to this group.

I need to get (2) server systems up and running for this church web server and email server.

Ok so here is the big picture situation. I do NOT know much about router configs other then the basics of gateway and static IP and dynamic IP address simple stuff. My problem is that I have a ATT modem service to are area that will only allow a certain modem gateway to be used. It has a DHCP server built into the gateway, impossible to disable. I checked and double checked with ATT Uverse. I have 8 static IP addresses they gave me. I will make up these addresses just so you can follow along here.

Some History and background:
I can USE (1) LAN Card off the mother board and/or add a 2nd LAN card in the PCi slot. My computer is new and fast and has 4 gig of ram and plenty of space. I doubt this is a hardware or software issue. More or less a Router setup and TCP/IP setup and DHCP problem. used to be my Dynamic IP address. Supposely this could change at any time and renew. Always stayed the same no matter what they said about Dynamic Ip addresses changing.
Why do I even mention this? Well strange as it may be..when I do a "what is my IP address" out from any desktop or LIVe linux machine disc DVD guess what I get? You would think I would get one of the static IP addresses I assigned or have of the 5. But I get the old dynamic address of above there (Note: I am making all these addresses up for example sakes but they do follow the logical patterns)

So this would come into my Uverse router and the DHCP server of my Uverse would give out thru to any desktop computers in the church. The gateway to enter the modem was
Next....we purchased a set of IP static addresses:
We shall call them : these fake (8) here thru gets hard wired into the Uverse Modem as the new gateway address. (Why? No idea its just how Uverse sets it up) is the Broadcast OUT is the Broadcast IN
So I am left with (5) Static IP adx's to give to my (2) servers here.
So Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 will go on (or .72, or 73 or 74 or .75 doesnt matter really) Linux Server Fedora 10 same thing. So we will pu that on address
Here is the problem. When I attempt to setup any Server, either Linux or Windows, it tells me. I have a DHCP server ALREADY on the network (its telling me the address of the gateway every time) so please disconnect from the DHCP and then hit continue with the setup. And this makes perfect sense to me. The server wants to create its own DHCP server and spool out its own addresses. I get that.
How can I solve this problem since I can NOT shut off my DHCP server on the Uverse gateway modem? Does anyone have a simple step by step solution? I can offer up any details on my gateway router options if you ask. And I guess I can inject another router or LAN card in between my server and gateway as well. So there are options here.

Or a web page site with details on this? Thank you so much for any help and God Bless! You can email privately or post here. Whatever you would prefer. I accept emails. :)

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If you don't get any help here, try the Tech Support Guy Networking forum:

Thanks huhgv. I appreciate your link there.

Do you have any ideas or clues where I should google or start to solve this problem? Do you think I explained it enough in detail? If anyone has any questions please ask. No worries here, I am pretty easy going and appreciate any help. :)


I'm far from an expert, but something looks wrong here.
I don't see any need for the fixed IP addresses.
The IP is the IP of your modem, and that's as it should be. The DHCP server would then hand out the 192.x.x.x addresses to the computers on your LAN. As far as it staynig the same, that's pretty common nowadays, but, eventually, it will change (See "lease Time").
So, with my limited knowledge:
Forget the fixed addresses.
Disable the DHCP server on the gateway.
Use the addresses handed out by the Modem.
I'm not a server guy, but I used this procedure to set up my second router (On the same network), and I think you'll find that's the right track.
Good luck.


I appreciate your comments there.

1.) can NOT disable the modem DHCP. It is hard coded into the eprom chip of the gateway. Impossible to change with Uverse as the ISP.

2.) If a customer uses a dynamic IP address and the lease expires then what??? Also who else is on this dynamic IP. Maybe they use it for many users and split it. Not sure if thats possible but one thing is for sure. The IT consultant they hired previously insisted on them getting static IP addresses for the (2) servers they will use for the Churches office and audio/ video media area. So lets just assume I am stuck with using these IP static's


Dynamic IPs are not shared with anyone. Your ISP only has so many, so they change them as needed. No affect on you at all.
I've been assuming you have a router (The Gateway), but maybe I'm wrong about that. What's the exact configuration-the modem connects directly to the computer?
No router? Get one, with as many ports as you need.

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