hello, how are you all
please i need a help
i read sooo much about that but i am not satisfied yet, because i am not reach to what i exactly want to know
i want to know what are the abilities of the attacker in the computers he compromise?
in other words, what are the port he use (rigestered or ephemeral), and does he can see and control other ports in the compromised computer?
for example if he send a request to a web site that require user interaction, can he reply to it or not?
or for another example could he solve the random code that appeare as a request in some pages?
please if any one can answer me or lead me to a useful link, i will be very Grateful

best regards
and thank you in advance

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Once a system is compromised and an attacker has admin access to your system, there is literally nothing they cannot do. As for what you call "random code", I think you refer to what we know as Captchas. They can certainly mirror or redirect your web pages and then "solve" the question. If this were a banking application, for example, it would allow them to access your bank account, and $$, while appearing to be you for all intents and purposes.

thank you very much for your answer
and yes thanks


this what i mean
ok, let say that the attacker want to use my computer to start attack from it and he don't want me to know does he can
for example, he want to start a denial of service attack using my computer he need to make my computer to spoof another ip address from mine. does he success without i am knowing?

They can certainly mirror or redirect your web pages and then "solve" the question.

and sorry i cannot exactly know what you mean by this, do you mean he can answer the Captchas by him self!!?

best regards and thank you very much in advance for any help

usually, if your computer is a zombie, you are not the target.

i also wanted to add that if, you are truly worried, there is steps you can take to de-zombify....such as erasing your computer, etc.

thanks for you answer
i need to understand how he can do it please
i know that there is a channel he can use in the IRC and t is the port 6666
all this was from reading, but i need a butter imagin
let say he send the commands to me through the port 6666, how he can answer the 3-way handshakins in port 3000 for example???
thank you in advance for any help
best regards

usually it is all automated. they are not actually sitting by a screen, snooping through your computer. Zombies are used mostly for ping of death. the master sends out a command to all known zombies(millions) and this command activates a file that resides on the zombie machine(probably a cookie or bit torrent program). the file is what executes commands directly, sending out pings.
i actually do not know any more than that. and i actually do not know all the details, but i hope i have helped out a bit.

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