First time poster here - great site and I'm really hoping you can help. As a note, I'm very good with MS Office and wysiwyg programs but don't have much experience with coding and the back end.

The past few weeks I've encountered a problem on my relatively new HP laptop (6 months or so). While I'm wireless at home (as opposed to hard-wired at work), I'll get the Internet for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours when suddenly the browser can't find pages. I'm told I have an "Excellent 54.0 Mbps Connected" status to the Internet, but I can't access sites.

We were on AT&T DSL for about a year and it started about six weeks ago on that system. Usually I could repair it by running the troubleshooting wizard; sometimes I could plug and unplug the modem; on fewer occasions I had to reboot. A week ago we switched to AT&T uVerse. The first few days were fabulous. Now the same thing is happening with even greater frequency. And w/uVerse (a fiber-to-the-core? connection), the troubleshooting wizard can't do anything and I have to reboot EVERY time to get back on the Internet.

I've tried both IE and Firefox and it happens with each of them. I've called AT&T and they can't figure it out. My two roommates had problems when we were on AT&T DSL, but neither has had issues with uVerse. Seeing as how it's happened with both wireless set-ups AND both browsers, I'd say it's the laptop, but I have no idea what to do to fix it.

My only other clue is the past few times as I rebooted I was told that the Connection Tray was not responding, but that's a new thing.

Help?? Thanks!

The connection tray may be a side-effect. I used to have this happen with an old wireless router, for some reason when the IP address I was assigned by the router expired I wasn't able to get back on, try looking at your router settings, and boosting the time for a group re-key.

Hope it helps.

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