I have a dlink router. Dir615 I believe. After installing hotspot Shield on my desktop, I can no longer connect to my router from my laptop, which I did not even install Hotspot shield in. when trying to connect, nothing happens. the wireless icon on the taskbar does not show that its trying to connect. please help I've even tried repairing but the window said that windows had an error while trying to connect to the network.

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Well if hotspot shield caused it to break, uninstall the app and see if you get a working system back.

Do you have any other vpn clients on that machine?

I already uninstalled it but I still have no luck in getting my laptop to connect. And I don't know of any vpn clients on My computer

For something like this, I would do the following:

1) make sure you have a driver for your wireless adapter ahead of time.
2) boot into SAFE MODE by pressing F8 as the machine boots, then select safe mode from the menu.
3) Go to you Device manager . Rght click my computer - manage - device manager
4) Find your wifi adapter and uninstall it.
5) reboot
6) on reboot, the pc should auto detect the adapter and prompt you for a driver.
7) point it to the driver and then test out the connection.

How would I get a backup for my driver?

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