I am testing wireshark for learning purposes. I wanted to try out a tutorial that hacks a facebook account stealing cookie information. I couldn't manage to hack my facebook account because wireshark is sending me truncated packets that I can't get cookie info out of.
This topography of the network: my desktop PC is connected to the Internet to a hub (D-LINK router) via LAN (ethernet cable). I have a notebook connected to Internet via Wi-Fi to the same hub (D-LINK router). I access facebook on my notebook on WIN XP OS. I monitor the packets with wireshark on my desktop PC on Ubuntu 12.04 OS. I only get worthless truncated cookie information. Why is that?
My capture interfaces are:
- eth0
- Pseudo device that captures on all interfaces
- USb1
- USB 2
- lo

I tried to capture on all interfaces (except usb 1, 2) but the same thing. I can't get cookie information from my notebook. I only get NBNS, DNS, Browser, IGMP, SSDP protocol type of packets. I get some HTTP but not facebook cookie with 'datr' line.
It is just anoying. It seems so easy in the tutorial.
Anyone could help me with this?