Hi everyone
So i want to be quick..
I am supposed to design a network for a building with 3 floors. this building has about 40 employees and lots of computers, printers, projector, etc, .
Now i have designed something (not very professionally) .. i just wanna know is it efficient, practical and budget friendly? (i also have some doubts about the cables but i will solve it later, now the main problem is the topology)

I am thinking about having a "bus" connecting the 3 floors. then in each floor there is a switch which all the devices on that floor are connected to that (star topology) .. so this is a kind of hybrid topology.

Sorry i know it might be very easy and simple question but u know i have not ever seen a real network for a building or anything in my life so im not really sure how to use theories.

of course this is just for an assignment.

Thanks everyone who can help me.

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yes you may say hybrid topology but i prefer it as mesh topology but it doesn't make any difference that what topology you use while network but main thing is that is every computer get access for internet or only few and main thing is security so always concern in security i hope you got my point. if you have any problem regarding this reply please do not hesitate to ask........

As ipradip said, you want to use a Mesh topology. This is because there are several paths to any single device, so if one fails, then data can still be transferred to and from each node without any problems. Obviously you will need to look into Routing Protocols and other things, but for now, you will find information on the different topologies here:


For this reason too, you might also want to connect the 3 floors in a similar manner (Mesh).

Thank u very much

You're welcome. Is there anything else you need to know about? :-)

not actually. i have already submitted that assignment. also i used Mesh to connect the floors. ;)

lol... in that case, sorry I didn't make it in time! :)

what mark did you get?

donno yet. After the semester only ill get the results. in 2 months. :D

oh right... well good luck... ;)

Tnx! :)

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