Recently I purchased DSL from SBC for my home desktop and I recieved this error message when installing it:

Error: SBC Yahoo! DSL Installer is unable to detect your modem.

Everything is connected properly and the dsl modem works when I try to set it up on my laptop. However, when I tried my desktop again, it would just say it couldn't detect my dsl modem although my ethernet, dsl, power, and internet indications on the dsl modem would light up indicating that they are working. So I'm wondering if the issue is with my ethernet adapter: VIA compatible fast ethernet adapter and if there was a way to make it detect the dsl modem. I am using WinXP SP2 for both my laptop and desktop.

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Hi Lc0756, welcome to DaniWeb :)

To begin with, can you please post the exact make/model/version of the modem?


The modem is a Siemens Speedstream 4100 Ethernet ADSL Modem. I have tried installing a new ethernet card to my desktop and it still wouldn't detect the modem so i doubt it's something wrong with my ethernet card. Btw the new ethernet card is a Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC. I think it might be my computer's setting that is not letting me detect the modem.


Nvm, thanks for your help, but I just bought a new ethernet adapter and formatted so it works perfectly now.

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