I have a linux box (2.6.9 kernel). problembox has 2 nics, A and B, with A's IP = and B's IP = I want to be the default (for things such downloads via apt-get and to be used for communications to other boxes on the network.

The network is used for backups and admin with backupbox that has the IP of and webbox that has the IP of The 10.1.1.x network is connected to a unmanaged switch. Backupbox is the backup manager and can connect to and do its backup, but cannot connect to at all. I have no firewall on

For problembox, my interface config file looks like:





I've tried to put in:

ip route add default via dev eth0 tab 1
ip route add default via dev eth1 tab 2

ip rule add to tab 1 priority 500
ip rule add to tab 2 priority 600

ip route flush cache

but no go; I've even tried to put in two gateways (where eth1 gw=

What am I missing?

Follow up:

I sniffed on both the problembox and the backupbox and started pings from the problembox to the backupbox. On the problembox I can see arp requests going out for whohas the backupbox IP, on the backupbox I can see the arp requests come in and the backupbox arp replies with the correct MAC address but the problembox never receives it. When I ping from the backupbox to the problembox, I can see the arp request going out fromt the backupbox, the problembox never receives the request. So, long story short, the problembox can send requests, but not receive replies (it can transmit but not receive). Hardware issue???

Alright. The issue was hardware related. I believe that the riser card was not getting enough juice and spliced in longer wires so that I could plug in both of the pci-slot connections and since I was plugging the riser into slot 3 vice slot 1, i changed the jumpers from A to B - not sure this really did anything but now I'm able to ping away. So I am saying this is complete and the problem of the one nic dropping incoming packets is due to a power issue.