Can you inlighting me? I have a Mortoral SB5100 modum which seams to work will with my old netgare router. I have purchase a Netgare WNDR3400 router and it will not connect. Comcast is my cable provider I am on an Acer AMD, quad 4, windows 7, graphics nvidia. I would like to know if my connection problem is compatable of the hardware? Your comments will be appreciate. Thanks

Re: Compatible Modem Router 80 80


You need to check the ports on the router and modem. The moden should go to the cable and have a LAN PORT. The Netgear should have a WAN and several LAN ports. Run a cable from the WAN port on the netgear to the LAN port on the modem.

If that does not help then to trouble shoot this we need a few things:
Can you connect to the netgear from the computer?
Do you get a dhcp address and what is it?
What was the old address of your old router?
What is the LAN IP address of the modem (if it has one) or what is the address of the modem?
Can you plug the modem directly into the computer and have it wrok?

Re: Compatible Modem Router 80 80

Thanks for the reply I will give your suggextion a try and get back to you with the results, Hopefuly uning the new router. Again thanks

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