I have been having an issue where when I run on my treadmill my 2 Wire modem (From Bell Canada) encounters an error of some sort and turns off my internet access.

I have heard from many people that it's possible a small surge is being sent of the power lines when the treadmill is on and it is causing some sort of interference.

I have tried powering the modem into a different outlet, and that was to no success. I tred placing the modem at a different "jack" but apaprently only one jack in my house will supply internet to the modem. When I plug the modem in a different jack, it just blinks and internet light will never turn on.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried calling my ISP but they suggest not running on the treadmill when the interent is needed ....

I appreciate all help!


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Connecting the modem to a UPS device would probably resolve the issue. However, some UPS devices provide power from their batteries 100% of the time which is what you want vs the inexpensive ones that only supply power from the battery when power is cut off. Do some research. You want a UPS that provides a constant steady power.

I appreciate the reply. I have heard this from many people. I have been just hesitant to spend money on that, I was hoping to find a solution that was a little cheaper.

The cheap solution unfortunately is the one your ISP suggested.

Ok, thank you very much. I'll check back in when I've tried it.

I highly recommend a UPS for all networking gear. The cost is worth it in the reduced frustrations.

get a manual treadmill, lol


I got an UPS, and it did not help. At first I got 7 minutes out of it, then it cut out. Now I'm only getting 30s to 2min out of it.

Any other ideas?

It would appear that the treadmill is impressing noise upon the phone line. A, EMI filter installed on the phone line might be the answer to your problem. Many telcos provide this device free of charge. Depending upon the device, it either installs in-line with your phone line via modular jacks, or else is hard wired at the demarc or NID.

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