Hello all,

I will apologize in advance. I am truly a novice. I am not familiar with terminology and some of my equipment is antiquated but serviceable.

I have a functional wireless network and would like to add my hard-wired printer and scanner. Do i simply run hard-wires to ethernet ports on my wireless router and install the standard drivers?

List of equipment:

Lap top-Mac Book

Router-D-Link, WBR13

Printer-Brother, HL-1240

Scanner- Epson, Perfection 1200U

Thank you in advance for any advice you have to give.

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That is basically it. You should have an installation CD for each of the printers and it will configure the IP address for you and set up the drivers on your computer.


Thank you for the quick reply. I just wanted to verify that I can hard-wire my components to my wireless router ethernet ports and interface from laptop to router via wifi, before I invest time and money on wiring and adapters.

I do have installation cd/dvd's. Would it be more up to date and a better choice to download the software from the manufacturer's website?

Thanks again


Came up with the best solution..., I bought a new wireless printer combo. Was cheaper than buying cables and adapters, and I have new toy.

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