My Linksys Dual-N Band Wireless router is not assigning IP addresses to my wireless devices.

I accidentally reset the darn thing and now I forget what my settings were for the type of security mode and encryption.

It says it can connect to the SSID with WPA2-Personal and WPA-TKIP or WPA2-AES encryption, but it doesn't get an ip address.

Any ideas?

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Since you reset the device, you will need to go into the setup page (using the default admin account "admin" - no password I think, or "admin" if needed) and reconfigure the router again. For most Linksys routers that would be


Yes, they were. They just weren't being assigned an IP address.

After working on it for like a friggin' hour, I finally figured it out. Had to set the Radio Band from Standard to Auto.

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