My Linksys Dual-N Band Wireless router is not assigning IP addresses to my wireless devices.

I accidentally reset the darn thing and now I forget what my settings were for the type of security mode and encryption.

It says it can connect to the SSID with WPA2-Personal and WPA-TKIP or WPA2-AES encryption, but it doesn't get an ip address.

Any ideas?

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Since you reset the device, you will need to go into the setup page (using the default admin account "admin" - no password I think, or "admin" if needed) and reconfigure the router again. For most Linksys routers that would be

Are your clients at least picking up the SSID being broadcasted?

Yes, they were. They just weren't being assigned an IP address.

After working on it for like a friggin' hour, I finally figured it out. Had to set the Radio Band from Standard to Auto.

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