I have connected two PC's(xp & win 7) using cross over cable.
I configured all the things. I was able to share my folders from one pc to
another. Also i was sharing internet connection.

But one day it suddenly stopped working. I changed IP address and tried all that i could do. Nothing worked.

Now when I ping a PC from another it replies only once out of four and if I try
to ping one more time , reply never comes.
When i reboot both PC's and scan using angry IP, it shows other pc only once.
Next time I scan it doesn't show other PC.

Plzzz someone help........

Seems like cable problem. Check your cable... Also other p.c can have virus which is creating connection problem.

Make sure that the local firewalls on each workstation are configured to allow ICMP and other related traffic to flow between the two systems.

Are you running Internet connection sharing on one of the PCs?

Thanks for help

I changed the cable too. But whenever i connect using any cable a yellow light continuously blinks along with green light in xp machine. With win7 only green light.


Thanks for ur reply....

No, disconnected all internet connection. Also made firewall off on both PC's