Heres my situation:
I have a select package which gives me a "Secure Tunnel Private Network" (STPN)which encrypts my internet traffic keeping it from being viewed by my nosey isp.

This STPN creates a new LAN connection in my network settings under control panel in Windows XP.

It works great but has one serious flaw: When the secure connection is lost, as has happened to me some 4-5 times now, the little icon for the STPN still says "connected and secure" when the mouse is hovered above it. The only way i know i am browsing unsecure is to navigate to one of the webpages where it gives me a warning at the top of the page in red letters that my ip address is not secure. When the STPN software is connected it gives me the message that my ip is secure in green letters. The STPN software gives me NO WARNING whatsoever that I am now browsing unsecure. I would ideally like there to be an instant popup message alerting me that my traffic is now unsecure, but i get no response to my complaints from their support section.

Here is what I am here to ask: Is there some way, perhaps through Comodo firewall that I can route ALL traffic through the secure LAN connection, and allow only the secure LAN connection to access the unsecure LAN connection? So that if the secure connection is broken for any reason, the traffic will not just revert to using the unsecure connection.

The STPN software creates a secure LAN connection, then routes all traffic through that and out the unsecure connection through my ISP to its servers then on to its final destination. I have tried disabling the unsecure connection after the STPN software has created the secure LAN but that just kills the secure connection as well.

Thanks in advance for reading this, and I will welcome any suggestions. Have a great day!

hi, i dont have fix ,but a suggestion , has a support link and contact us link on it ,good luck

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