Hello guys, im trying to change my LAN Setup settings on my netgear router because machines connected to it are giving out IP's which are on a totally different subnet, hence i cant connect to stuff like networked printers, but i keep on getting an IP address conflict with WAN IP error.

I can't configure the routers LAN IP Setup to assign IPs to my machines. It currently assigns IPs and when I try to change it to it says "IP address is conflicts with the WAN IP subnet, please enter a different IP address."

Please view my screenshots and advice on how i can resolve this.


So, this netgear device is going to have two interfaces. In this case a LAN and WAN. If the device is telling you that there is a conflict, it most likely due to the fact that your WAN interface is using that subnet range already. You should have a WAN "tab" when you are logged into the device so that you can examine the complete configuration.

If this router is connected to a modem on premise, you should be able to log into the modem and change that configuration, if you really need to have that subnet on your LAN side.

Can you just choose a different LAN subnet range...? say 192.168.1.x/24?

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