hello frnds..
please tell me some tips to improve the downloading speed of my laptop..

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Your definately limited by the available bandwidth of your connection. There are many factors that can affect this.

For example, a typical issue is a slow wireless connection. Wireless is a shared resources. The more wireless connections, the slower it gets.

In addition, the performance of your laptop can impact your experience. For example, if you have quite a bit of processes running, your browser could render the pages slower than usual.


Downloading speed depends upon various factors like, Internet speed, Computer hardware, download manager etc. You need to take care about everything.


Some things to check:

Are you on wireless? Do you know if you are on wireless G or N? PC/Macs will give you the speeds of the wifi connection in the status info.

Wifi speeds are in Megabits per second, bit Megabytes. So a 24 megabit per second conenction is a 3 megabyte connection per second.

Are you worried about internet speeds? 1st check your ISP service. What speed should you be getting from them. Next, use an online speed tool like http://www.speedtest.net/ to verify you are actually getting your speeds.

Are you running any apps that access the internet constantly. uTorrent? Did akamai sneak their stupid peer to peer tool on your system? These all take bandwidth.

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