I am about to start studying to get a ccna certification, I need a couple of guys who's already certified to give advise me on how to go about it, I have a pdf file that I want to use to study but I heard it's best I use a hard copy ( printed material ) other than a soft book, how true is this...
thanks alot

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I'm not certified yet, but I'm currently about halfway through CCNA II. I've found that the best way to study (for me) is to read the material, take notes, organize the notes so they make sense, then use the material.
You see, Cisco pretty much takes the concept of summary too far. They have an overall summary, followed by a slightly less general summary of the first topic, then an overview of the information, and then the information. What I do is take extensive notes, then reorganize them so that they're a more effective study tool. This also helps me to make sense of difficult concepts. I've found that this experience of turning didactically structured information to more encyclopedic information is very useful.
Of course, the education wouldn't be complete if you didn't use it, so make sure you do use Packet Tracer and real routers when the time comes. I got through all of CCNA I without even touching a router, and just learning how to use PT and not actually using it, but CCNA II requires actual practice.
As for books (pdf or otherwise), remember that they'll probably be outdated within six months or so, and you won't really use them after you've been certified.
In the end, do what works for you. Luckily, CCNA I isn't actually that difficult if you know a bit about networking and computers already, and you can use it to work out your own study strategy.

I am halfway through CCNA and I agree with orwell84.

I agree with the rest above. If you had some computer skills, ccna should not be hard. for you, after studying the theory try to pratice it out. REal pratices is more easiers than theory work. Good luck for ccna certification

hi guys do u know how to run the simulator?

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