hello all,
i have done my post graduate and passed out this year itself unfortunately i couldn't get placed in any companies and my stream was digital communication and i am from bangalore,india.i request people to help me to find out the best courses for me in networking and also suggest the best training consultancies or organization in bangalore where they provide good training classea, who can help me in training and assist me getting a job in good company.

please help me out as i am clueless :( :(

take care :)

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So, besides having a mostly-worthless diploma, what do you know? Did you do any internships? If so, what was your evaluation? IE, what can you do for an employer? A good company won't hire you right out of college without really good references. Can you get a reference from your professors? Are they respected in the industry? What about your college/university? Is it of good reputation for matriculating people with skills needed by industry?

FWIW, I have no degree, yet I hold the position of Senior Systems Engineer for a major company with a serious presence in Bangalore. In fact, part of my team in performance, capacity, and analytics is located there. If you have a PhD in mathematics/statistics, we might be able to use you... :-)

so many india computer geek. :)

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