Hi. I am Naing Thu Soe from Asia. I am a computer student. Now, I am making assignment about small business network. Can you help me? I want to know about total cost of small business installation. I created a network diagram. In my diagram, including 8 PCs, 1 network printer, 1 email server, 1 NAS device, 1 switch, 1 router and vpn firewall device. I want to know about total cost of installation. If you can help me, please help me. Thank you so much. Good Luck.

your kidding ,right, you want one of to get Asian prices on the items in the list and add them up and tell you how much it cost ,I would love to help but ,Im In Canada so I have no idea how much that stuff will cost in Asia ,perhaps you just need to go to local computer stor and get prives , good luck

I didn't means I want asian prices. I want US prices because I attend UK undergraduate computing course. Can you help me? I have each hardware device prices, but I want to know about total cost of installation small office network including LAN and WAN with above following devices. Please help me. Thank you.