Which Wireless Router Offers the Best WiFi Range?

Re: help improve your wireless network 80 80

Which Car gives you the best visibility?

That type of question has only 1 answer.... "It depends."

Many things come into play when determining wifi range. Antenna config, wifi band, power, structural interference, external wifi 'noise', channel contention.

Wifi N offers more bandwidth but lower range and doesn't not handle structural intererence well at all. G has better range, but you are limited to max 54 Mbps. Most consumer based routers offer G and N with varying levels of config and each will give you different results based on environment.

Enterprise grade Wifi solutions are a totally different animal.

Re: help improve your wireless network 80 80

buy a anetna config, router. n put an steel box upon the anetena. range will be exceeded.

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