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What do you mean "doesn't connect"?

Do you have one device or two? For example, a provider issues router/modem combo, or do you have your own router connected to the provider's DSL modem?

When you have two devices, you can either setup the modem to connect and have the router bridge the connection, or you can setup the router to actually establish the connection instead of the modem.

Can you log into either of your devices with a browser and troubleshoot?


Have a look at the router and all of the cables, is everything connected and seated properly? The power connecter on the router, take it out for about 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Can you connect to the Internet now?

If not, wait and watch the lights on your router for about 30 seconds. What are the lights doing? Each light will have letters, or a symbol, next to them. What each light represents will be explained in the manual. (or, tell us the make and model of your router)

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