Small and Medium Sized Business are often faced with challenges regarding their business growth, because of the high initial investments required for ICT solution, which are becoming increasing essential for business success. you have been contacted by a Small Medium Sized Business to provide an ICT solution for his business, because he believes that the Small Medium Sized Business did not obtain any benefits from the previous investments. All that remain to show from his investment is a high quality server, three work stations and a few connectivity devices, and a whole lot of excess CAT5e cable. The Small Medium Sized Business is the producer and seller of retail and whole sale honey. The manager is convinced that there exists a combination of business processes that when enabled by ICT solution will bring about competitive advantage his business required to maintain its growth and success. He specifically stated that he needs to be in constant contact with the suppliers of his buisness as well as his customers;and as asked for you to implement a network that will facilitate the Small Medium Sized business value chain.

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