Okay, so my office is having an issue with one of our computers. We have a domain that all of our computers are connected too and where we store our files. Earlier this week we reset the password for our domain and now one of our computers erases the Network Map everytime you shut the computer down. What do we need to do to fix this problem so we do not have to remap the network drive every time we shut the computer off? Thanks.

What do you mean by reset the password for the domain? Also, are you mapping these drives via a Login/startup script?

We have all of the computers use the same login and password that was setup through the domain. I mapped them by going into "My Computer" then to "Map Network" and manually picking each drive and where to map it too.

If your computers were on a workgroup, I can see where you can make a case for using the same username and password for all of the computers. However, since you are on a domain, the management of user IDs for all of your users is easy and simple. In addition, in your scenario, any changes to that one ID will affecct all of your users. Any ways, you were asking about user management so lets focus on the network drive mappings..

For the network mappings to remain in place, you need to configure them to be "persistent". If you use the GUI to map drives, enabling the checkbox regarding remap at logon should work.

However, if you want to ensure that these mapping are in place every time your users log on, you can easily create a policy, preferrably a group policy object in the domain, but a local policy will work, where via a script, you unmap and remap the drives for the user. This ensures that any changes the user may invoke during the previous session will be cleared and the drives will be remapped at each logon event.

I have a sample of mapping drives via VBScript. Feel free to use and modify to your needs.

Mapping Network Drives Using VBScript

Okay, so today I actually got to look at the computer to see what it does. Whenever the computer is rebooted it just disconnects the drives on the computer. Where do I go to change the settings so it does not disconnect the drives whenever the computer shuts down?

I found out that Windows 7 has a feature that can automatically disconnect drivers and this is what is happening with the computer. I guess it somehow got activated when we made a change on our domain.

You should be able to address this via a GPO.

I solved this issue by changing the computers password to match the domains password. It fixed the problem without any issues.

Ok great, thanks for the update. This will help others with a similar issue.