I am trying to learn how to struct a network hardware...I have been reading and watching videos on the internet but i cant understand how to Configure the interfaces of with the appropriate IP address and activate the interfaces and how to Configure Vlan1 interface of each switch with IP of its subnet...any help...thanks inadvance

P.S. this is an example of what i am working on


Re: routers and switches configuration 80 80

Each manufacturer would have their own method for assigning IPs.

Usually, you create a VLAN interface and assign the IP to the VLAN.

You'd need to provide a lot more info, especially, what kind of switches you are using.

Along with that, you need to show us what you've tried.

Re: routers and switches configuration 80 80

The syntax used to configure a router or a switch is going to slightly vary from vendor to vendor. You would have to provide additional details as to what iOS you are running and then wait for someone with experience on that platform to help you.

Of course, even with the help, you will need to have some basic knowledge with regard to routing and switching to understand the configuration.

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