Hi All,

I hope someone will be able to help me, I'm looking for a print managemnt software that is able to detect toner levels, whos printer to what printer etc.

We have verious models of HP printers on a network, we can't add it to out printer server(just bearly surviving as it is:P) and also budget is always always going to be an issue.

Any thoughts of suggestions would be great

thanks in advance

Blake Clark

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If these are ethernet-attached printers, then HP has management software to handle them. What OS are you using on your PC's?


Most ethernet attached HP printers are SNMP enabled. So even if the onboard mgmt software is lacking, potentially you could watch these items via NAgios and have a Nagios-Alert sent to your email when toner level runs low.


HI rubberman, Im currenting using Windows 7 pro x64 on a Dell Latitude 9010 and yes all HP printers are networked.

Hi CimmerianX, okay I'll check them out

Thanks to both.

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