I have 2 T1's (each with 64 ip addresses) connected to different T1 routers provided by the ISP.
I can access one ip addres using a router, but would like to have access to all the ip address from both WANs.
I am looking for a device(router?) that can combine the 2 WAN connections (from the T1) and also provide multi-NAT and firewal/stateful inspection.
Any help will be much appreciated.

Fortinet makes a Firewall/Router all-in-one device called FORTIGATE. Most of their models have DUAL WAN ports which you could use to do exactly that ;) . Their devices include AV/IDS/Anti-Spam/+MORE services, so it's really a good investment too...

I'd recommend the FG-100/100A, please check their website for more details: www.fortinet.com

Feel free to post additional questions regarding this, as I would be more then happy to help you.

One last thing, if you find a model and it doesn't have dual WAN ports don't worry, you can configure the DMZ port as an additional WAN (2) port. ;)

The FG-100/100A is pricey, although it seems to have all the features I am looking for and more.

We keep looking around for cheapr products that seem to do the work .. inbound/outbound load balancing, multiNAT/PAT as well as stateful inspection...

You could always go with a model lower, the FG-60A, depends how much traffic you've got over those T1's.. If it's just e-mail and some browsing, I'd go with the the FG-60.

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