I am wondering how to start drawing a network diagram. The way it was described to me I need to go into the configuration settings of the switches and check what type on connection there is and document where the connection is from, to where the connection is going. Then write it down. Once I have gone through all the switches I need to organize the data, and then produce the diagram from that.

Is that the correct way to go about doing it, or is there another procedure to accomplish this task?

Thanks for the help.

Start from the public internet and work your way into your network. IF this is just a hardware layout, then show the routers, firewalls, LBs, switches, etc... and the interconnects between each.

Look at some examples on google images for ideas

Thanks for the reply. I have started, and I currenty have the firewall and the switches in place. I will then expand to the servers.

i want to develope a lab of 60 nodes working for internet, online exams,ms-office, multimedia,etc. For secondary school level. Please give me configuration of equipments, structure of network. My budget is low.

you should start your own thread for a new problem. This one is over 2 months old and has already been solved.