Hi, I am messing around with a project that started out and is proving to continue to be over my head. I have a PFSense server running in Texas and a PFSense server running in Michigan. Both are controlling their respective networks well and I love some of the Options available with PFSense. I have 1 on a 10.10.. and one on a 10.0... I searched all over for a video tutorial on how to set up OpenVPN and found a Youtube video outlining the procedure. Here is my problem. I am able to access the servers remotely accross the tunnel and can even access the point to multipoint transmitters and CPE's in Texas from any computer on the Michigan network, but the computers do not show up in the network discovery tool and are not pingable. I have tried everything I know to do and have failed. Any help would be appreciated. PS. every other forrum I have been to has listed the PFSense WIKI in the first post answering my question. I am a disabled veteran and have a brain injury which makes reading much more then a short paragraph almost impossible, so video or step by step guides would be much appreciated. If you need more information please feel free to ask. Thanks in advance.

1) Network discovery is usually broadcast based unless you are on a Windows Domain. A routed network like this will block broadcasts (That's a good thing). Also, are you pinging by IP or trying to use FQDN or WINS?

2) The pings being blocked are probably caused by PFSense. However, I need to see a diagram of the network layout to see where the firewalls are located with respect to the VPN endpoints.

3) OpenVPN, will usually forward all traffic to the remote subnet.

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