I have got two Pcs, a Dell & a HP. I have also got two modems, TalkTalk (D-Link DSL-2680) and BT Home Hub 2. Both Pcs are never powered on at same time. The TalkTalk modem works with both Pcs and I can connect to the internet without any problem which ever Pc I am using. But BT modem will only connect to internet on the HP and will not work with Dell. I tried to reset the modem without any joy then rebooted the modem, unplugging the dsl and Ethernet cables and then connecting the dsl cable only and waiting until the broadband light is steady blue on the BT modem then connecting the Ethernet cable again but it will not connect to the internet. First a message will appear to say “A network cable is unplugged” then the Pc will try to connect again and again without any luck.

I have checked the TCP/IP settings and on both computers these are set to “obtain an IP address automatically”. My problem is that Dell is my main PC (HP is only a spare one and used very rarely) and I want to use Dell with BT modem as this modem has got a phone connected to it.

I read on google that Mcaffee could be a cause of this problem and have tried to uninstall it but it still does not work for me.

P.S. The WiFi works fine and we are able to connect our phones and tablet even when BT modem is connected to the Dell and it is only the wired connection which does not work between Dell & BT modem.

Thanks for your help!


In that case, Your ethernet port definition may be monitered by the antivirus program but due to improper un-installation it may be blocked.So check whether any environmental variables of your antivirus in there in your registry,if so remove it.If Still it doesnt works,try to reinstall the ethernet driver.

If it does not work, repair your operating system for better results.

Hope this helps u.

Have a happie computing. :-D

Thanks for your response. i will check all that will come back with the result (it may be a while before i can find some time to spend on the computer :( )

Boot the dell into safemode with networking and see if it is able to connect. If you don't know how to boot to safemode then ask google and you will find plenty of instructions.

Thanks Rik, i have now checked but the dell will not connect to internet even in safe mode with networking :( . Any other thoughts?

Thanks Rik, i have now checked but the dell will not connect to internet even in safe mode with networking :( . Any other thoughts?

Some modems will auto-adapt to the cable configuration. Others won't. I think that for the BT modem you need what is called a patch cable. It has to do with how the wires are cross-connected.