I want to make one of my computers available to a friend who lives in Poland to assist him in his efforts in building a Linux distro he develops. He does not always have access to a 64bit system and I am not in a great finacial situation to be able to give him a system so I thought he might be able to remotely log into one of my Linux boxes and use it remotely to assist with his development efforts. How can I configure my network/router so that this is the only computer that is accessable to him? So far I do not have everything configured in a formal network, they are just a few computers (some running Windows 7 and some Linux) a smart tv as well as a PS3 plugged in to my FIOS router to gain access to the internet. Is there a way to easily do this? Do any of you know of any tutorials on line that may explain how to accomplish this?
Thanks for your assistance

Hello Robert,

So to configure your router to allow unsolicited inbound access is not terribly difficult. You simply need to now what port(s) to open. When you log into your router, look for the tab/options related to Port Forwarding/NAT.

In addition, you want to restrict the IP that can come in. That option will depend on whether your router has the ability to create firewall rules which would allow you to restrict based on source IP.

If you need your friend's IP address and he doesnt know what the public address is, have him visit a site that can detect the public ip such as: MySourceIP

Just as an additional note.... if the router can't restrict access based on source IP, use IPTABLES on the host OS along with FAIL2BAN... just in case you are paranoid like me.