I'm new in networking. I can see other pc's on my network places but, I can't see my machines on other networks. Also when, I ping to other machine then, I get reply but, I ping from their machine to my machine then, I don't get reply.

Kindly, help me. Thanks in advance..

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plz help me

As far as the ping issue is concerned check if windows firewall or any other firewall is turned on on your PC, if firewall is turned on you do not get a reply for ping.

When you say you can see other PCs, are those in the same network as your?

I also want to know about this, can anyone give us the answer?

i think your computer is not configured on the network on which you are thats why you are not getting your computer on the network and other computers are configured on the network thsts the reason other system replying ping result and your system is not

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