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I am trying to setup a new router on my network.

I've ordered a basic Dynamode BR-6004W-G-N router of Amazon, although it is basic it is much better then the current Netgear router which has a very limited selection of user controls.

When attempting to connect it up to the Internet, my ISP (Cable and Wireless Guernsey) uses PPPoA/VC/VCMux Encapsulation (ISP Settings) however the router only allows me to select:

  • Dynamic IP Address (I have a Dynamic IP from my ISP)
  • Static IP
  • PPPoE
  • PPTP
  • L2TP

I'm not sure which one to select, I've tried Dynamic IP which gives me the option of enabling 'BigPond' but I can't get it to connect to the Internet.
Is it going to be the case of either swapping the firmware or buying a new router?

Any help would be most appreciated, thank you.

hi, did you enter the router setup and make the manual seeting as suggested in the link you provided us ,instruction on how to get to the routers setup are also in the link ,see below

Router settings
If you are using your own equipment rather than one supplied by Sure you will need to use the below router settings to set up your broadband. Please refer to your individual router manual for the connection process:

ATM SettingsVPI 0 VCI 38
EncapsulationPPPOA / VC / VCMux
Primary DNS88.81.151.130
Secondary DNS46.31.200.20

Yep, going into manual settings it wants me to select a connection type out of:

  • Dynamic IP Address (I have a Dynamic IP from my ISP)
  • Static IP
  • PPPoE
  • PPTP
  • L2TP

And then depending on what I clicked there it comes up with a menu where I would input further settings.

I should clarify that those router settings on the website are generic and not related to the router I have.

are you finding those settings you list by going into the router settings ,this way
When connected open your web browser (e.g. Internet explorer, Chrome or Firefox) and type in the address bar and press enter.
if yes ,then i think it may be that you cand make the correct settings on the router you bought ,

Thanks for the help caperjack, I went to and they where the only settings I could get on the router....

Oh well, it only cost £10 (approx $17) so it isn't the end of the world. Thanks for the help.

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