I am trying to set up my Linksys E1200 as a wireless/wired access point on my home network. My main modem/router is SMC Networks SMC8014WN and my main PC is connected to it by cable and everything works fine.

Main router Settings:
subnet mask
channel 6

To set up the E1200 as an access point I changed its IP to which is outside the DHCP range of the 'home' router. I disabled dhcp on the E1200 and set the SSID to the same as home router, with same password, and set to channel 11. I connected an ethernet cable from port 2 of the main router to port 4 of the E1200. That was based off everything I could find online and it seemed to work for everyone else but it didn't work for me. When I connect with a cable to the E1200 I can access its settings just fine but I can't connect to the internet. I get a DNS Lookup Failed error when trying to go to a website. If I try to do a tracert from my PC connected to the home router to i get destination host unreachable.

I'm now at the limits of my networking knowledge, so any help would be appreciated!

Re: Access point DNS problems Linksys E1200 80 80

If you are going to plug in another router on the network for the purpose of creating an access point, then you will need to take an extra step and disable routing and configure that Linksys box to act only as an access point.

Apparently that model can be set into bridge mode:

Re: Access point DNS problems Linksys E1200 80 80

Hi Jorge, I read through that but out of the available options on 'internet setup' I only have the following, no Bridge Mode option:

Automatic Configuration - DHCP
Static IP
Telstra Cable

Re: Access point DNS problems Linksys E1200 80 80

Those options you listed deal with the way that the router can be set up to connect to the ISP. Bridge mode or Access Point mode would be somewhere else. The point here is that some of these routers provide the ability to turn off routing and just act like a switch with wireless capability (bridge mode) which is what you want.

If you dont enable bridge mode, its not a deal breaker, but that would mean that you would have to set up routing (dynamic or static routing) between both routers, different subnets. Its more complicated and unecessary.

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