I'm Thinking of sharing my internet connection with 2 PC's and a laptop. My ADSL modem is currently installed on my PC but I do not want to have my pc switched on while PC2 and/or laptop to use the internet. So I was thinking about buying a wireless router and having my modem connected to that, But the modem is a USB and of the routers I've seen they are all just wireless with the option to use RJ45 cables. Are there any product out there that I can connect my modem too?

Again I will want the wireless router to be located on the first floor of my house for this reason

PC1 is downstairs in the dining room at the back of the house (Wireless)
PC2 is in the loft conversion (Wired or wireless not sure yet)

The laptop has wireless capabilites.

So in short the router will have to be wireless & able to accept RJ45 cables with the ability to cater for my usb modem.

Hope this makes sense.

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I have not seen a product that accepts a USB instead of RJ45 modem, but Linksys does offer a product that is the ADSL modem, router, wireless access point, and 4-port ethernet switch all in one. I have not personally used this product but would recommend a Linksys product any day. Here is the link:


Hope it is close enough to what you are looking for.

commented: In the end I went with a Belkin, however i686 gave me very good advice +5

Thats good too know thanks i686-linux.

Can I not have 2 adsl modems and share that way or will I have to purchase the ADSL modem intregated with the router?

I'm not to bothered about the laptop being on the net just yet.


If you purchase the Linksys product that I mentioned, it will fully replace your current DSL modem.

If you want wireless go with a D link super G. It is as fast as wire and it has the setup software in the router which runs when you connect it.

Whichever modem/router you choose, replace your existing modem with it.

USB ADSL modems are a second-best solution, by a long margin. :)

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