i have installed 18 cat 6 cables around my house all going into rj45 outlets now it time to connect them all up but i am not sure what stuff to buy. i know that i need a switch and a patch pannel and a router. i have the a phone line at the cupboard were the cables are so the things i need to know are:

What switch do i need ??
How do i connect the switch to my router(for the internet)
What patch pannel do i need ??
Do i need to do anything to the pc's when i set up the network(when plugged into the rj45 outlets)

after installed cat 6 cables then you will go in LAN Properties and select ur protocol(IPV4 or IPV6) then you enter subnet Mask and then put PC's ip address that is in under Network and then you fill Default Gateway ip...

that would depend on what you network needs are, but a cisco 2950 switch would be ok. you can get that from ebay at a fair price,your switch can also be your DHCP server so there would be no need to configure static ip as stated in the first comment. your switch would point to your router as its default gateway, A 24 port patch panel would be ok since you've got 18 cables. To connect to the internet would depend on the kind of router you purchased, the router would be configured with the ip details of your SP. i.e DNS, PUBLIC IP ETC

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