We have a card machine which is not connected to any server but a simple Lan connection on a switch to the router.

We were advised that for security purposes TCP timestand should be disable on the remote host.

I have access to the router(netgear) but I could not find anything there.

I am a complete dummy when it comes to networking, so apologies in advance if my question seems stupid.


You can disable TCP timestamp on the host machine; no need to disable it on the router.

Depending on your OS just google how to disable TCP timestamp for that platform.

I am not sure we have a host machine. We don't have a server in place. All cables are connected to switches and to the router.

Well, I'm not sure that a router or switch is going to modify your packets to include new TCP options (unless you are behind a NAT, perhaps).

Options are agreed upon between two end-hosts so it needs to be disabled either on the client or the server - not some point in between.

What exactly is the security implications of having a timestamp option?