Could anyone help me please.
I have had internet connection issues for years now. I was originally with orange broadband and had a livebox which would work fine at first and then the connection would become more and more intermittent and then would not work at all. Orange sent several new boxes out and the same process would repeat over and over again. I have had bt out they have checked our line replaced the filter checked the line up to the telephone exchange and same process happens it works but then eventually fails.
I have replaced my laptop, gone back to XP from Vista and still no luck.
I thought I had narrowed it down today when I removed all anti-virus software from my computer and it started to work again but it has yet again failed. I have other electrical equipment which connects fine and always holds a connection it is just when I use a microsoft product e.g. windows.
Is there anyone here who can finally solve my internet issues before I make a formal complaint to ofcom.

If you have determined that the problem is with your Windows systems, filing a formal complaint with ofcom is not going to make much sense. They cannot control your what happens on your computers. Their demarc is to the Internet router that they are providing you. After that, you are going to be responsible for the connection and other components (wiring in your house, wireless signal, your computers, etc...).

My advice is that rather than switching between operating systems, pick the one that you are most comfortable with and begin to figure out what the actual problem is. Going back and forth is only going to frustrate you. Your internet connection should be working the same on any of the Windows operating systems.

You have to make sure that you have the proper drivers in place, perform routing maintainance by patching the computer, and ensure that you are not installing application and/or malware that is causing you this headache.

hi, i seriously believe u might be having software conflicts in your system and might have to figure out this before calling in more third parties because man-made faults are often the most difficult to troubleshoot.
best regards,

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