My wife and I have just moved into the annex of a friend's house. Since our phone/broadband hasn't been installed yet because of complications we are using our friend's Internet through home plugs and LAN cables which has worked fine for me and my Mac Mini and obviously because of the LAN link no passwords were needed. No problems from the word go. But, apart from a short window of time when it worked, my wife's laptop now refuses to connect to the Internet by any of her browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Explorer and comes up with the Error 105 message on Chrome, her main browser. We are using exactly the same system of home plugs as we used in our previous home, and I've checked that her LAN cable and home plug are working fine. I know nothing about DNS etc so I'm stuck. What next please?

On her computer, click start and type cmd in the search box and press enter. In the dos box it brings up type ipconfig /all then post the result here and we should be able to get an idea as to what is going wrong.

Thanks for that. Unfortunately/fortunately I turned it on this morning and its working fine so I won't be able to see if there's a problem until it happens again if it does. BTW how do I get all the stuff out of the command box to post it here?

You will have to make note of it, I don't think its possible to paste out of a dos box.

There is a lot of information comes up. Is there any part of it you would be interested in - the problem is happening again. Also I wondered if I was able to photograph the screen well enough is there a way of posting a photo of the DOS box here in the forum?

Copy and paste is fine, screenshot too. Does her machine have an IP assigned from DHCP? ipconfig tells you this. Can she ping her own IP. CAn she ping the gateway IP? Can she ping an IP beyond the gateway? Can she ping via FQDN (servername)? Does the servername at least resolve to an IP?